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Bariatrics & Obestity: Consumer Health & Education



Ensure you inform your client to be aware of country of origin of the website they are using as it will affect things such as spelling and medication recommendations/registrations.

Australian Websites and Databases

Australia Image  Healthdirect Australia

Healthdirect is an Australian Federal Government health portal – links to information on a range of topics, organisations and resources for the Australian health consumer.

Australia Image Chronic conditions (Australia. Dept of Health)

Australia Image Consumer Health Forum   

Australia Image Medical Online

Australia Image Australian Doctor


Australia ImageEach of the State Government's host a website, including:

Free Online Databases

State Library Of Queensland
Provides online access to a range of databases. Includes full text e-books, e-journals.

Cochrane Library

Google Scholar

National Library of Medicine (US)

PubMed & Medline provide online access to a range of articles, videos, client information resources, and systematic reviews. Includes some full text. Able to use clinical query search strategies. Subject strengths: medicine, nursing, allied health.

National Library of Australia



Further Resources

But wait... there's more (image)

There are many other quality consumer health sites, these are just a starter.  If you
require further information or sources, clinicians please contact your Health Librarian.

Health consumers are advised to consult their health professional.