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An introduction to considerations for Qld Health staff considering publishing.


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Navigating the health publishing world can be a difficult process. This subject guide is designed to help the process and is designed specifically for Queensland Health employees, as such, it references material that may only be available to these employees.

Check with your own library service if you require assistance.

Finding Information

Finding Information and Literature Searches
Your Queensland Health Librarian’s expertise centres on health information and he/she can undertake searching on your behalf for clinical purposes plus access to a vast range of databases is provided via CKN.

You can boost your search skills by participating in training; to get you started on your topic access the Queensland Health Libraries Subject Guides and utilise EndNote referencing software.

Registered Reports

Registered Reports (Centre for Open Science)
Registered Reports: Peer review before results are known to align scientific values and practices.”

Registered Reports Infographic

Registered reports: rewarding good science
Sally French, QUT (2021)

Registered reports offer an elegant solution to some of the questionable research
practices that arose out of the imperative to “publish or perish”. This talk aims to
inspire stakeholders in science to nudge research 
behaviour with thoughtful use
of rewards.

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Ebooks and Ejournals

Full Text Online – Journals and Ebooks
The QH Libraries Websites hosts a range of full-text ebooks and journals. Search by full book or journal title or for a single article title. If you are after something that is not readily available, request the Librarian to get it for you (a cost-centre may be required for certain items).

Patrons are encouraged to undertake training in the use of these resources.

For 24/7 access to online resources make sure you register as a Queensland Health Library patron.

Getting Research Published

Yogesh K. Dwivedi, (et al). 2021. "Editorial: How to develop a quality research article and avoid a journal desk rejection."
International Journal of Information Management, 62, 102426.

Abstract: The desk rejection of submitted articles can be a hugely frustrating and demotivating process from the perspective of the researcher, but equally, a time-consuming and vital step in the process for the Editor, tasked with selecting appropriate articles that meet the required criteria for further review and scrutiny. The feedback from journal Editors within this editorial, highlights the significant gaps in understanding from many academics of the journal assessment process and acceptance criteria for progression to the review stage. This editorial offers a valuable “lived-in” perspective on the desk rejection process through the lens of the Editor, via the differing views of nine leading journal Editors. Each Editor articulates their own perspectives on the many reasons for desk rejection, offering key insight to researchers on how to align their submissions to the specific journal requirements and required quality criteria, whilst demonstrating relevance and contribution to theory and practice. This editorial develops a succinct summary of the key findings from the differing Editor perspectives, offering a timely contribution of significant value and benefit to academics and industry researchers alike.
Keywords: Desk rejection; Publishing; Article submission; Journal review

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