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Health Literacy & Consumer Health Information: Consumer Health Resources for Clinicians



Ensure you inform your client to be aware of country of origin of the website they are using as it will affect things such as spelling and medication recommendations/registrations.

Patient Handouts via CKN

Please note you must be a Queensland Health employee to access CKN and registration is required.

NB: Clinicians are recommended to review content to ensure compliance with Australian protocols and drug recommendations before providing patient information handouts to patients or clients.

Health Literacy - Resources

World Patient Safety Day

Video Search

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Petey Vid - a video search engine includes most languages. Services covered: Rediff, Internet Archive, Dailymotion, Twitter, Aparat, Periscope, Amazon, Reddit, Youku. YouTube results are included; however, a majority of the data are sources other than YouTube.



The Patient or Clients Use of Online Health Information

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Countering Misinformation

Medical Misinformation on Social Media: Cognitive Bias, Pseudo-Peer Review, and the Good Intentions Hypothesis. / Trethewey, S.P. Circulation, v.140 (4) 2019, pp. 1131-1133.

Countering Vaccine Misinformation./ Danielson L, Marcus B, Boyle L. American Journal of Nursing, v. 119 (10) 2019, pp. 50-55.

Further Resources

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There are many other quality consumer health sites, these are just a starter.  If you
require further information or sources, clinicians please contact your Health Librarian.

Health consumers are advised to consult their health professional.