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Getting Started in Queensland Health Libraries: Professional Development & Staffing

Information and links for new staff working in Queensland Health libraries.

PD & Staffing (image)

This page brings together resources to help staff employed in Queensland Health libraries stay up to date in health librarianship.

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Salaries and Allowances - Qld Health

Queensland Health Salaries information:

NB: Employees under the Professional Officer (PO) and Technical Officer (TO) streams within Queensland Health are entitled to Professional Development Incentive Package allowance.

Employees also have entitlement to move between PO2 and PO3, and TO2 and TO3 levels on demonstrating ability and knowledge of higher level role - refer to the Queensland Public Services and Other Employees Award - State for details.


Monthly Workforce Profiles / Queensland Health Workforce Informatics


Temporary to Permanent Position Conversion

The Temporary Employment Directive 09/20 states, a fixed-term temporary employee can be converted to permanent status following a review of their status as a temporary employee by the agency. Section 149 of the Public Service Act establishes that a fixed term temporary employee who has been continuously employed for one year or more may request a review for conversion to permanent employment, allowing for periods of casual service and breaks in service of up to six weeks in a one-year period for a one-year review, and up to twelve weeks in the two-year period prior to the two-year review.


Position Descriptions

A range of position descriptions for Queensland Health library roles and others are available via the Queensland Health Libraries Network drive (hosted by Townsville University Hospital Library).


ALIA Information

Refer to your local position descriptions or review content on the shared QHLN drive.


money Professional Development Allowance

Permanent Qld Health HHS staff employed under the PO or TO classification are entitled to $23 per fortnight professional development allowance. Refer to the current Award for details and discuss with supervisor/payroll if not in place (shows as a line on pay slip).

QUEENSLAND PUBLIC HEALTH SECTOR CERTIFIED AGREEMENT (No. 10) 2019  - Refer Section 5.2 Professional Development Incentive Package.

Skills and Competencies

Health Librarianship Workforce and Education: Research to Plan the future. - See more at:

Training in Literature Searching

National Network of Libraries of Medicine (US) - some online courses available.

Introduction to Literature Searching MOOC (NHS UK) - select "self-enrol".

A systematic approach to searching: an efficient and complete method to develop literature searches. / Bramer WM, de Jonge GB, Rethlefsen ML, Mast F, Kleijnen J.  Journal of the Medical Library Association, 106 (4) 2018, pp:531-541. doi: 10.5195/jmla.2018.283.

Introduction to Systematic Reviews (online self-paced course) (Stanford University)

Carrying out systematic literature reviews: an introduction. Alan Davies. British Journal of Nursing, 28 (15) 2019, 1008-1014.

How to undertake a literature search: a step-by-step guide. / Mandy Watson. British Journal of Nursing 29 (7) 2020, 431-435.

How to undertake a literature search: enhancing your search. / Julie Key. British Journal of Nursing 29 (8) 2020, 481-483.


Image previewHealth Libraries Australia reports:

Industrial Relations

Awards (Queensland Health)

Enterprise Bargaining (Queensland Health) 
A body of work on Enterprise Bargaining is also stored on the QHLN share drive.

Together (Union)

Wage Rates

Professional Development

Systematic Reviews


NLM Office Hours: MeSH

Health Librarianship Research

Conferences & Workshops


Dictionaries and Glossaries


True Value Calculator / Syracruse University. School of Information Studies.
(Although designed for public libraries, this tool is of value to health and special libraries too.)

Valuing Library Services Calculator / NLM - note: US values but a good starting point.

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